Need 2019 officer volunteers to step up now through November

30 Sep 2018 10:49 AM | Anonymous member

From Commodore Donna Nelson: 

We still need volunteers for these positions for 2019:


                  Vice Commodore





                  Education Director

If you are interested in learning more about the SYC Board positions, please feel free to contact me I will be happy to visit with you. 

Here is an overall view of the board structure:

Section 1 – Titles

Officers shall consist of Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Secretary, Purser, Communications Director, two Social Directors, Membership Director and Historian.

Section 2 – Term of Office

The Officers and Directors shall be elected by the Members at the annual meeting of the members and shall hold office for one calendar year commencing the January next following the annual meeting of members and until their successors are chosen and qualified.

Section 3 – Commodore

The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the members and Board of Directors.  He/She shall have and exercise general control and supervision of the affairs of the organization.

Section 4 – Vice-Commodore

The Vice-Commodore shall have general control and supervision of the social activities of the organization and shall exercise the duties of the Commodore in his/her absence.

Section 5 – Secretary

The Secretary shall keep all official documents and records, and shall maintain records of the proceedings of all meetings of members and the Board of Directors.  The Secretary shall also be responsible for all official correspondence.

Section 6 – Purser

The Purser shall be responsible for the financial records and affairs of the organization.

Section 7 – Communications Director

The Communications Director shall be responsible for communications to the membership by maintaining the club web site, social media, creating and distributing event promotions, and publish the newsletter.

Section 8 – Social Director

The Social Directors shall be responsible for the social events throughout the year.  The events will include, however not limited to, two pre-launch events, two brunch events, three dock parties, and the planning of the annual meeting.

Section 9 – Membership Director

The Membership Director shall update the membership directory on an annual basis with distribution to the membership in a timely manner.

Section 10 – Historian

The Historian shall maintain long term historical records of the organization and all sponsored events.

Section 11 – Race Director

The Racing Director shall be responsible for planning and administrating all racing events for the club.  He/She will record results and maintain records for racing during the year.

Section 12 – Education Director

The Education Director shall be responsible for planning and administrating all education activities for the club.  He/She shall organize, promote, and carry out a Sailing Education Program that includes conducting basic sailing classes.

Section 13 – Vacancy

A vacancy in any Office or Director shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors for the unexpired term.

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